Monday, January 23, 2012

Kyoto, Nishiki market(Kyoto's kitchen)

Nishiki market, deco-truck, dog park with Jiro, colour, the hill where they burn giant fire in shape of a kanji word, the giant tori gate, Heian temple

Sunday, January 22, 2012

lunar eclipse!!

driving through Kyoto city at night, people on the streets all looking up.
I had thought, something wrong with my eyes when seeing the moon seemed odd- until I was told it's the eclipse! ( is this what ancient peoples felt when nobody told them it was an eclipse?!)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

pounding mochi

after a typical little fish and soup breakfast,

 a Christmas thing; everybody lines up at school to participate.
we pound the rice into mochi and sometimes roll the balls in soy flour

yummy stuff

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bandai, Asakusa -December 8, 2011

Made it!!
I'm Back in Tokyo after 10 hour flight, I discovered I caught a stomach bug-just as we touch down the puke just violently exploded out of me! And they don't provide air sick bags any more!? ..they will never clean that all up-seriously, it's in the window frame, everywhere!
Stoic and silent my seat mates are trying to make as much distance as possible between us while still tethered to our seats, yet still, upon leaving, wish me a pleasant trip!

Made it back to cool neighbourhood of Kurumae. Surprised hotels are full. Lucky to find I'm near K's House Hostel-mostly Australians, clean modern place, cheap.

Walking, I happen upon Bandai Toy Company HQ! Makers of Gundam, Anpanman and many more-with a modest museum of old and new-a funky find.

I also find a tiny shop stacked with the best natural dye supplies EVER!
including this shibori kit and walls of herbs and dyes and supplies.

A street with famous Nihonjin stars, of whom all are unknown.

Taiko drums in the street-of course I must try!

Asakusa! 1200 year old temple(s) and home to Buddha's bones and my mothers!

horsing around with Australians

Finally a quiet dinner near the hostel at a cool little, little izakaya place run by a little lady who is, I'm told like a mother to all. she studies dance with her friend seated.